The Introduction To The Granny Game

Nowadays, we are witnessing the massive development of gaming graphics with nearly realistic games. However, some games still achieve considerable attention from the gaming community, even when they feature simple 3D graphics like in the 2000s. And the Granny game is an outstanding example.

It is a horror game released in 2017. Despite having a lovely name reminding players of their beloved grandmother, this title will bring you the scariest moments in your life. In this game, players will take the role of a person striving to escape from the house of a creepy and evil old woman.

The only aid you have to lighten up the dark atmosphere is the flashlight. You must be as quiet as possible, moving around the house, hiding yourself, and finding the way out. The wicked Granny possesses excellent hearing capability, so she can realize the slightest sound of your movement.

The Granny Game-Playing Tutorial

  • W to go forward, S to go backward, D to turn to the right, and A to turn to the left.
  • Press C when you want to Crouch or Stand.
  • To pick up objects, press E.
  • R is for hiding and unhiding.
  • Pressing Space to drop objects in the character’s hands.
  • F is to set up, activate, or cancel the bear traps.
  • Left-mouse is to fire or spray.
  • Some Tips For Playing The Granny Game

    You can enhance your chance of winning the Granny game by following some tricks:

  • You can distract the Granny while finding the way out by making noises in a room before heading to the others.
  • Since Granny is extremely determined with you, her target, she won’t ignore you once she notices your movement. Be sure that you move in silence.
  • The house is full of essential objects for your escape, but they are placed randomly. You must strive to get as many helpful items as possible.
  • The noise from your dropping items is the most obvious sign for the Granny to recognize you. You should abandon unnecessary items on a soft surface.
  • Be careful with the creaking floors because they are alarming the Granny about your movement.
  • If Granny finds you, you must outrun her. You can close the doors on your way out to make her slower.
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