Five Nights at The HQ


Five Nights at The HQ will be your favorite scary game regarding its new background story and horrific animatronics. This is a challenging and rewarding title, ensuring your best playing experience.

The following article will answer all your doubts about rules and tips to make it easier to follow the game. Let’s get started!

What To Know About Five Nights At The HQ?

Five Nights at The HQ is a fan-made horror game designed as another alternative to the famous series of Five Nights at Freddy’s. You will play the game from the perspective of a night guard working at a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza-inspired restaurant called the HQ.

There are different challenges in five nights, with the increase in difficulty after each night for you to conquer. You will face animatronic creatures possessed by the spirits of dead children at the restaurant and seek revenge on anyone staying at the HQ at night. Your task is to apply diverse tools and items to get away from the chase of those creepy characters.

What Are The Rules Of This Game?

Applying your knowledge about animatronics and the use of resources is highly recommended for an unforgettable round. This game is worth your time and effort to find the most suitable plan to survive all five nights.

Using the cameras is the primary way to monitor the movement of animatronics and check the surroundings before going outside your safe place. Remember to use the ventilation system whenever you want to lure the creatures far from the office.

Since both doors and lights consume considerable power, it would be best to use them wisely to avoid wasting unnecessary power.

What Tips Are Important To Win The Game?

Try Your Best To Conserve Power

Conserving power in the FNAF version will help you gain a better advantage to defend against evil animatronics. That’s why it would be best to have an optimal plan for using power to avoid running out of it.

Since cameras are important to observing animatronics, you need to prioritize and check them frequently to ensure the best use of power. It is advisable always to break down the time for cameras and lighting to have them together to support you in the game.

Take A Break During Each Round

There’s no need to continuously challenge through all five nights, so feel free to take a break between nights. By doing this, you will get away from burning out because this is a tense and stressful title if you play it without breaks.


After reading the article, we hope you will have no difficulty mastering the game Five Nights at The HQ. With the rules resembling the original series, this new version attracts much attention from the series’ fans and receives praise from players worldwide. You will love this title once you learn how to rock the game.

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