FNAF Shooter

What Is The FNAF Shooter Game?

The gamer community around the world has been hyped with the horror game FNAF, also known as the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. In the FNAF game, you will play the role of security, taking a night shift at a pizza restaurant named Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Night by night, you must protect yourself from the haunted robots at the restaurant from midnight to dawn. Although the graphics of the FNAF series are simple, they still become one of the most reputable horror games ever.

Due to the unquestionable reputation of the original version, the FNAF shooter online game is released to allow gamers to enjoy FNAF with more exciting gameplay.

Instead of being a security officer with inferior equipment to avoid the attack of evil spirits, you can equip yourself with modern and powerful arms to find and exterminate the wicked robots.

The FNAF Shooter Online Playing Tutorial

This title is an FPS game, so it will have more control buttons than the original FNAF game. Newcomers may seem relatively complicated to get used to and grasp the functions of the buttons.

On the contrary, experienced FPS gamers will find all the control buttons in the FNAF shooter game familiar like all other shooting games.

You can control your character in the FNAF shooting game by using the following:

  • Move your mouse to look around
  • Moving your character by using the W, S, A, and D buttons: the W to move forward, the S to move backward, the A to move to the left, and the D to move to the right.
  • W+Shift buttons to sprint
  • Shoot by using the Left Mouse. If you want to improve the precision, use the Right Mouse to aim.
  • The number buttons from 1 to 7 are for switching weapons.
  • Press R to reload.
  • T to have a look at your weapon.
  • G to use the grenade.
  • F to use the knife.
  • Some Notices In The FNAF Shooter Game

    You must move to the red circle area on the maps to find the evil robots. Be careful that your enemies will come out of nowhere to make you thrilled and suddenly harm you.

    The difficulty will increase after each match you complete. And you can opt for more modern and devastating arms to cope with the robots by watching ads.

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