Five Nights at Trump's

What Is The Five Nights At Trump’s Game?

It would be a miss for horror-game fans to ignore the FNAF, also known as the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. The game occurs in a haunted Pizza restaurant where evil spirits in the form of robots will find and harm the security officer on the night shift.

This series is introduced with many versions and special editions. However, fans of FNAF seem to look for more of an out-of-ordinary FNAF version. And this is the reason for the Five Nights At Trump’s game being released.

This spin-off is a remake edition from a fan inspired by the FNAF series, but it’s not an official product from Scott Cawthon. The game is a combination of a thrilling and funny atmosphere.

Instead of avoiding getting caught by the scary robots like in the FNAF’s games, Five Nights At Trump’s players must protect themselves from the attack of a President Trump look-alike.

Five Nights At Trump's Playing Tutorial

If you have played the FNAF game before, you can easily get accustomed to playing this game. Although the graphics in the remake version are much inferior compared to the original FNAF game, players can still assume the game is set in a security room with a camera system and other settings.

Move the computer mouse to the right and click the “Click” bar to open the camera system. By using the cameras, you can see whether the Trump look-alike is going through the ventilation system and coming to your room.

You must take note of all the alarming signs because they are telling you the approach of Trump look-alikes.

Besides the camera system on the right side, you apply some modifications to the security system by clicking the “Click” bar on the left side of the screen.

Tips For Playing Five Nights At Trump’s

The only tip for winning the game is to check the camera system regularly and be sensitive to the alarming signs of the game.

What’s more, you must learn to conceal the ventilation punctually to prevent the Trump look-alike’s coming. Besides, remember to reset all the systems occasionally because the malfunction may hinder you from spotting someone that looks like Trump.

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