Five Nights At Freddy’s is one of the most recognizable horror games in recent years. Its unique playstyle, focusing on hiding and outsmarting the animatronics, made its reputation. However, this playstyle also makes a lot of people become scared of the villains.

That is why we want to introduce you to FNAF Plus, a new way to approach this franchise. Use the guns in your hands to blow everything up.

What’s FNAF Plus?

FNAF Plus is a new addition to one of the most well-known horror game franchises in the last decade, the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. Just like the previous games, its main dangers stem from the animatronics. They are docile throughout the day and murderous during the night.

This game is an unofficial add-on, so the creators were able to do some interesting things. For example, you can now choose from five different characters, not limited to one like the classic game. There’s also less of a focus on survival/mystery and more on fighting back.

How To Play FNAF Plus

The game’s control scheme is fairly straightforward. The basic controls include the WASD buttons to move, the Shift button to run, and your mouse to look around. To shoot, you use the left mouse button. If you want to improve accuracy, you can aim with the right mouse button.

Other combat controls involve:

  • The R key for reloading.
  • The F key for a knife attack.
  • The G to throw your grenades.
  • If you pick up a cool weapon, you can inspect it using the T key. With these controls, it’s easy to figure out that your main objective this time is not to run but to fight back.

    Tips For Playing FNAF Plus

    The first tip you should always remember is that this game calculates headshot damage at a much higher rate. That is why you should aim to get as many headshots as possible. After all, you are screwed if you run out of bullets.

    The animatronics are surprisingly tough if you only use the rifle, even if you headshot them. Our recommendation is to focus on getting the shotgun as soon as possible. This gun is capable of one-shotting the animatronics with one single bullet to the head.


    Gone are the days we are forced to survive the animatronics with nothing but our wits and brains. With the modern weapons in our hands, FNAF Plus allows us the chance to fight back, and you will soon realize that the animatronics are surprisingly easy to deal with.

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