Poppy Playtime


Poppy Playtime is among many newly developed games focusing on puzzle-solving and surviving. However, it's special due to its ability to equally mix its three main elements: horror, mystery, and adventure. This strength ensures the players a fun playthrough, as the game rarely gets boring.

What Is Poppy Playtime?

Poppy Playtime is a mix of adventure and horror games, focusing purely on the first-person perspective. The whole game takes place in the Playtime factory, which once produced a huge number of children's toys and dolls. However, all its workers suddenly disappeared one day without explanation.

This leads to the factory's complete abandonment, as no one would step into its vicinity again. That is until you decide to figure out the truth about what happened here after receiving a letter from your friend, who disappeared all those years ago.

How To Play The Poppy Playtime Game

This horror game has a straightforward control scheme. You can move around using the classic WASD buttons, interact with items utilizing your left mouse button, and sprint with the Shift button. If you forget about the control schemes, you can use the Tab button to check them again.

The game focuses a lot on mysteries and figuring things out, not combat. That is why you rarely have to face off against the monsters.

In fact, you would mostly die if this situation was to happen. Instead, you must hide from them and gather all the tapes and cassettes around the area to fish for hints. You have won the game when you can piece together the whole picture.

Tips On Playing Poppy Playtime

As we mentioned above, you cannot combat the monsters, so you should limit the number of times you see them. The easiest way to do so is by trying to complete the puzzle as fast as possible, wasting practically no time.

If you see a monster like Huggy Wuggy spawning, don't lose your calm and keep solving the puzzle, as it won't kill you immediately.

Another useful tip is to watch the ground carefully, as you will see cassettes lying around. These provide valuable hints to finish the game.


All in all, we believe that Poppy Playtime should provide a satisfying experience for not only horror fans but also mystery and adventure fans.

The game was able to seamlessly conjoin all three elements together without having any of them overpowering the other two.

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